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UpLinkd is a company that invests in innovative MetaCreators to help them scale and win globally.

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MiJobs is all about bringing you a great platform to access and search the very best blockchain jobs worldwide.

Now part of the Uplinkd Group our founders have over 20 years experience in the software industry - having worked with leading SaaS providers, top-ranked ASX companies, Australian Government, startups and leading digital agencies.

From the specialist jobs in engineering, management, blockchain mining and development right through to innovation and operations we have listed literally thousands of different types of jobs from all corners of the globe.

We launched the website back in 2019 and have constantly been working to make steady site improvements to ensure MiJobs is simply the best niche job website in the world. With a focus on blockchain - we now feature hundreds of jobs per month from dozens of countries around the world.

How Do I Post A Job?

To post a job on MiJobs:

  1. Head over to the Post A Job page
  2. Enter your Job Type and the Job Details along with your company information.
    - Optionally, select if you'd like to promote it via social media and upload your Company Image to display as your Logo.
  3. Fill out your payment information and click the "Checkout & Pay Now" button.
  4. Congratulations! Your listing will be instantly posted to our job board where it will be displayed until expiration.

A basic receipt will be sent to your email and a member account will be provided for you so you can download your full invoice. You will now also have access to future discounts and basic member benefits.

NB. All payments are processed securely via HTTPS and our payment gateway.

How Much Does It Cost To Post Jobs?

The price to post a Job Listing on the MiJobs platform varies according to the selected Job Type:

  • Full time: $10.00
  • Part-time: $10.00
  • Freelance: $10.00
  • Internships: $5.00

Make your Job Post really stand out

We understand sometimes you have Job Listings that have some extra urgency so we have two additional options to help your Job Listing stand out.

  • Choose to "Feature" your listing and gain more visibility - this highlights your ad with a bright yellow background. $10.00.
  • Choose to make your post "sticky" which keeps the listing towards the top of the job board for a period of three (3) days. $10.00
  • * All Values are in USD.

Do You Have A Discount For Multiple Listings?

For companies and recruiters looking to post more than one job per month we suggest you take a look at our current new member promotion which offers amazing value.

For companies that need Enterprise or Teams capacity it's best to reach out to us via the contact form.